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Offer a Data Vitae product but let the recipient choose it thanks to a gift card !


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You want to make a Data Vitae gift but don't know which one to pick ? Let your friend or relative decide which one by choosing to offer a gift card ! That way, he or she can choose the model, color, customization !

Whatever the occasion, anniversary, birthday or just like that, for no reason, you will be sure to make it right !

We will send the gift card to your address or to the recipient directly according to your instructions.

We will send the chosen gift to the recipient. The shipping costs for the sending of the gift itself are already included (6€).

For example, for a 25€ gift voucher, 6€ are for the shipping and 19€ for the item itself.

The gift cheque is valid 6 months from the day it is issued.

The recipient of the gift can order online or contact us : or +33 6 61 02 34 28. We'll be happy to help !

Even better, the Data Vitae gift cards are also customized ! You can  add a message to your friend/relative !

So as to order, start with the product customization (To ... / From ... / Your personal message ...), save it and add it to the cart.



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