Why and when should you wear your DATA VITAE ID ?

So that you can be identified and so that you can have your

personal vital info with you in case of emergency !


You do outdoor activities.

identification sport

During your outings, even well prepared, anything can happen. You might faint or have an accident and might no longer be able to talk.

Then a friend or family member needs to be reached. His phone number is needed.

Also the emergency people will save time if all your personal info are at hand immediately : blood type, allergy, medical history, present treatments etc.

You can keep your DATA VITAE sport IDs while in the water. The plate is made out of stainless steel. For this reason it is very suitable for triathletes and all people who enjoy water sports : canyoning, hydrospeed and others.

So do not leave without your DATA VITAE ID because it could save your life !

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