The Merlin Sportive is a cycle event that takes place in Carmarthenshire, West Wales. The route is very challenging and takes in the Brecon Beacons Western Ridge.  This area is synonymous with military survival training and is frequently used by the infamous SAS.  The road is very exposed at the summit and the descent is one of the best in Wales, very fast, technical and a blast.

When I first saw an advert for the ID bracelet produced by  Data-Vitae, I immediately saw how valuable this item could be for cyclists who use exposed mountain roads.  This came on the back of a cyclist who was found in a ditch on the stretch of road with his bike half way down a ravine.  Fortunately for him he was found and air lifted to hospital.  He was unconscious and remained in a coma for 4 days.  He has made a good recovery, however still has no recollection of the event that caused his accident.  His family were not informed for several hours and only found out about the accident after reporting him missing.  Had he been wearing a Data-Vitae bracelet his family would have been informed immediately, this would have saved the family considerable anxiety and also saved the Emergency Services a great deal of work.
I now have a Data-Vitae bracelet, it is the first thing I put on when I am going out for a ride, whether on my own or with friends.  The second thing I put on is my helmet. 
A Data-Vitae bracelet is not only something you need, it is something that your family have a right to expect you to wear.
Phil Edwards (Hywel Dda Health Board - Condition Management Programme)