Data Vitae is a pioneer in France on the market of ID bracelets! Data Vitae sells customizable and reusable medical IDs and sport IDs since April 2011.

Data Vitae, in Latin, means “the data of life.”

In short, Data Vitae means:



INFORMATION for emergency personnel

Your personal and medical data available at a glance!

… because in an emergency, every minute counts.

This is about your life! 
Nobody is immune to a feeling of faintness or accidents. If you are unable to communicate, your Data Vitae bracelet will do it for you!

We use the same engraving format found on old military plates, because it is in our view the simplest and most efficient way. Thus, the people who come and rescue you do not depend on any technology: no need of computer or mobile phone network to access your essential information.

Data Vitae bracelets are suitable for all but especially:

- for "outdoor" athletes
- for people with chronic illnesses (allergies, asthma, etc.) 
- for children

It is however not forbidden to wear them just for fun with a personal message ...

Our customers are 3 to 99 years old, maybe more, and we will be delighted to count you among them!

The idea of ID bracelets comes from the United States. During a 9-year expatriation across the Atlantic (Atlanta, GA), we discovered the ID bracelet with triathletes. Attracted by the concept, we thought it would be nice that our French and European friends discover and enjoy this product that brings peace of mind to those who wear it and to their families.

The idea was there! Left the realization, the start-up. It was the beginning of a great adventure ... We are enjoying this adventure, our friendly clients, and we thank you all very much!

Christelle Pernin, creator of Data Vitae

Christelle Pernin - data-vitae