Having your information engraved means readability especially compared to handwriting.

We will laser engrave your data so as to get a fine and accurate inscription.

gravure plaque 

You have  6 lines of text (22 character spaces per line) - 5 lines for the Kiddie bracelet.

We advise you to write in uppercase letters and to watch the punctuation.

Here are some suggestions of what can be engraved :

Name – Surname
DOB – blood type*
Emergency contact
Known food and drug allergies
Medical conditions
Wish : organ donor etc.
Other : “medicine in my bag”
Quotes – slogans
*No legal value (in France), before a blood transfusion a blood test is done

You are the one deciding what to engrave on your ID.

You are also the one responsible for this information.

You need to make sure it is accurate and valid.

Data Vitae, the data of life !