Why and when should you wear  your DATA VITAE ID ?

So that you can be identified and so that you can have your personal vital info with you in case of emergency !


You have probably experienced this kind of situation when for a few minutes, and it seemed very long, your kids have disappeared in the crowd.

You will feel relieved to know that your children are wearing their identification bracelets with your phone number as emergency contact.

Teach your children to show it to an adult if they get lost. That way you could be called immediately.

It is safe to have your kids wear it any time they are in a crowded area: fairgrounds, market, in an amusement park, at the airport, train station, during camps.

Children need to remember more and more phone numbers and in a moment of panic they might just forget them.

Some children also have speech problems. If they can’t talk or can’t remember your phone number, the DATA VITAE bracelet will “talk” for them!

So do not leave without your DATA VITAE ID because it could save your life !


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ID-TAG for watch

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You already wear a watch but still  would like to have your vital info available on hand without wearing an extra bracelet ? Then our ID-TAG is for...