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Brassard Lumineux Vizibl

Vizibl LED safety-band White

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Safety-band with ultra bright white LED

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Safety-band with ultra bright white LED

Sleek design
Easy to use
70h Steady light or 100h Flashing light
Can be used on arm or leg

The VIZIBL luminous strap emits a bright light. This allows the user to be visible on the road during training in the morning, evening, night, or simply in low visibility conditions. These lights ensure the safety of the user to be seen by car drivers, pedestrians or other passer-by.

The sleek design of this LED security system has been tested to allow fluid movements while exercising. The VIZIBL luminous device is light, comfortable, and easy to use. It may be used as an armband or as luminous leg band for cycling. Flexible and adjustable, this hook and loop strap ensure a comfortable and tight fit. This is an ideal security accessory for runners, cyclists, roller skaters, skateboarders, walkers or any other outdoor activity where the user needs to be seen in the dark. Rain or shine, summer and winter, the VIZIBL luminous strap will increase the visibility of the user from others on the road.

Turning the light on is easy and very simple. Press the power button and the light will be activated in steady mode for 70 hours autonomy. A second button press will switch the light into flashing mode for 100 hours autonomy. A third button press will turn the light off.

The advantage to use VIZIBL products in comparison to standard reflective bands stitched on clothes is that users will be seen sooner and will not require the car lights to hit the reflective bands before they become visible. People that are using VIZIBL safety lights understand the efficiency of the products simply by noticing the car drivers behavior being more carefull approaching them in the street.

Be visible, Be safe !


Clip the elastic strap onto the LED safety band, make sure the plastic hook is facing up.
Insert the elastic strap into the other hole of the band and stick together to make a close loop.
Put it on your arm / leg and tighten it. You can adjust the length of the elastic strap to get better fitting.
2 modes : Steady (70 hours) and Flashing (100 hours)
2 batteries necessary (included)

  • 2 modes : Steady (70 hours) and Flashing (100 hours)
  • 2 batteries necessary (included)

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